Share{N}Hope | Swimmers Take Your Mark

swim1Judges and Timers Ready

Swimmers Take Your Mark

These words are very familiar to anyone who swims competitively.  At the command “swimmers take your mark”, swimmers immediately respond and assume and hold a starting position.  All are still.

And then the start sound!

A brand new start.  A brand new race.  It doesn’t matter what happened in a previous race.  It doesn’t matter what will happen at the next race.  This race.  Right now.

You have previous habits, relationships and failures that can create an undercurrent and drag you back to a pattern in life that haunts you.  The enemy knows how to put an entrapment on you, the believer, and cause you to drift back to your  past situation.
Decree today.  I am standing in all authority of Christ.  Because of Christ all Satan’s power is defeated by the cross.  My intimacy with God causes me to know the authority of Christ.  Pray in the spirit.  Satan will be stopped.  God’s power and protection will cause even the enemy of your soul to bow his knee.

I make my starting point, my mark, a bended knee.  From that place of strength I expect that God will fight for me.  He will separate the enemy, confuse the enemy and send civil war into their camp so that they will destroy each other.  God is no respecter of persons.  You have this authority if you are a believer.  Spend time today with the Lord and ask him to lead you


TODAY  I speak restitution and healing into your life.  I pray that you are covered in the blood of Jesus and deny the enemy the right to retaliate.  Take your mark.  You are ready.



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