Share{N}Hope | Don’t Fight

cowdon'tfightSitting on the tailgate of a truck in west Texas with the dry wind blowing my hair…watching longhorn cattle come close.

Yes.  I was sitting between my cousin and his wife and I confessed.  “I am afraid of cows and I am especially afraid of cows with very long horns.” He looked startled.  By the next day I am standing close to these cows  as some  were being moved from one pasture to another.  And on the third day I  am in the corral with a paddle in my hand to move the cattle into the trailers and / or other corral.

We were moving the cows for several reasons.  Some were being sold.  Some were being moved to a larger pasture.  Some were being moved to be nearer the ranch house where there was more grass.  Greener pastures.

We moved them through different gates and chutes to get some penned and some separated.  The old mama cows were the most determined.  They were not going into the chute.  The funny things was that the old mamas were being moved to be closer to the ranch house where there was more grass and water.They also had special feed there for their older teeth.  In other words we were moving them to take better care of them.  And they were fighting hard not to go.

I wonder how many times in life I have fought hard not to go one direction when there was a safer and better place for me.  How many times have I fought when I was being led to green pastures.  Today don’t fight against where God is leading you or what he is asking you to do.  It is a daily walk.  Keep trusting.  He got you this far and He is not leaving you.

Lord. Today I pray for all the tired mama’s and daddy’s and grandmothers and grandfathers.  

God.   Give them your strength and your help for today.  Lead them beside your green pasture and restore their soul.  Thank you that you are I AM and all things are possible through you.  I pray they will lean towards you and not run away from your love.  Thank you Lord that you know how to love us in such amazing ways. 




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